Units are opened for inspection immediately prior to the sale. No advance viewing is permitted. Generally you are not permitted to enter the storage units or to handle the contents.

Smoking is not permitted at storage auctions.

Number of units
Regardless of the number of units that may have been advertised for sale, the number of units ultimately sold may vary right up to the time of sale as delinquent tenants settle their accounts at the last minute.

Generally, the entire contents of the storage unit are sold as a single lot. Occasionally the contents may be divided and sold in two or more separate lots, in which case an announcement will be made.

Most auctions are conducted “without reserve,” i.e., without a minimum floor price that must be reached before a sale is triggered. If a reserve is to apply as to any unit being sold, that will be announced.

Clean-Out Deposits
We may require you to post a clean-out deposit along with the payment of the amount of your winning bid, which deposit is later refunded to you when the unit has been demonstrated to have been emptied satisfactorily. When such deposits are required, an announcement will be made.

All storage auctions are conducted “as-is-where-is,” without any warranties or representations of any kind. All sales are final.

You may place your own lock on the door of a purchased unit.

Facilities vary in the amount of time granted to you to remove the purchased contents from the premises, but generally 24-48 hours is allowed. If no announcement is made as to the time allowed, you should inquire. You must remove all the contents purchased. No dumpsters are provided.

Motor Vehicles and Boats
Auto and boat sales are typically contingent on receipt of title transfer, unless they are sold as salvage.Type your paragraph here.

EZ Self Storage maintains an e-mail bidder list, which notifies buyers of upcoming auctions. To be added to the list, fill out the below form. Typically, we will send the email about a week before the auction because a lot of people pay up prior to the auction.

EZ Self Storage conducts auctions on units where the owner has abandoned the unit or has not paid. There is no set schedule on auction dates, but typically they are held on Saturdays. Sales are for the entire contents of a unit and the buyer must take possession of everything within 1-3 days. Payment must be by cash or credit card for all sales.

EZ Self Storage reserves the right to set a minimum bid, or make sales contingent. Bidders must be 18 years of age to bid at an auction. All bidders must sign in and provide identification. To save time at the auction - print the bidder information sheet and fill it out ahead of time.Type your paragraph here.

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